A tribute to Jerusalem forest
As a Jerusalem born creative, the headline of a new neighborhood being built upon the Jerusalem forest, triggered within me many emotions and a deep will to speak up.
This notion to me was a "death sentence" to a big part of Jerusalem's main source of scenic nature, in response I created a series of plant seedlings as a gesture to the dissipating forest.
The framework for the process of creation was seven days - as the same period of time in the traditional shiva'a mourning in the Jewish faith.
Each day I crafted intuitive responses to the matter, from different point of views, with different volition I approached each object and tried my best to express the subject matter subjectively through relationship with the forest.
As a first act, I wanted to express my feelings, went to the forest and began digging in the ground. A physical effort that aroused my senses and thoughts, and felt like an act of mourning over the forest​​​​​​​.
Two thirds of the forest area is designated for demolition and then construction of the neighborhood.
Holocaust of trees
As the forest being used as the location of the Holocaust Museum, I found it as a complete irony of the situation. As an extreme analogy, I created Yellow badges for the trees and marked them with numbers.
Urban forest
The change of the natural landscape with an urban landscape will greatly affect the creatures of the forest, and will force itself upon them.
Fire ceremony
As a child, I spent most of my time in the forest as part of the "Scout" activities. The area of the forest in which I used to build, cook, walk and pass on activities and values, today has advanced infrastructure for construction.
"Tu Bishvat"
In keeping with the custom of the "Festival of trees" - once a year we are going out to plant trees in the forests. The outrageous part is that in those forests, for the rest of the year, and during the rest of the holidays, we leave behind us tons of garbage and dirt.
Bonfire baked potatoes
Referring to many fires that flared up in the forest, mostly as a result of the negligence of travelers.
A sense of suffocation
Along with the disappearance of the forest around us, the sense of suffocation rises, as do our thirst for bits of nature back.
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