Eco friendly water bottles
Disturbing data on coastal pollution, lack of recycling, irresponsible use of disposable plastic products, and distress signals from the depths were my main motivations in creating the project.
I started looking for a biodegradable and environmentally friendly alternative that has the right properties to use as a container.
Algae is an incredible material, with its own internal aesthetics, smell, and texture, along side the fact that its also cheap, available and never-ending raw material.
A bottle with two souls
Double use water bottle. made out of algae-based bio-plastic. After the use, the user get an active part in the disposal of the product by throwing it back to the sea, and in there, after the bottle decompose, the bottle cap Continues to exist in the water as a mollusc breeding substrate.

The thoughts about second life cycle to the bottle cap was inspired by pictures I took on the beaches of eastern Taiwan, after a typhoon that struck the island, spewing back to the beaches all the human garbage left in there before.
Some of the treasures i discovered, were plastic bottles that had been raised by mollusks and shells that clung to the cap of the bottles.
Day 1-7 after use
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